Remote Water Storage Bladders

Install - 3 x 1 megalitre

picture of a 3 million litre remote water storage installation


Job Description:

Design, manufacture and supply 3 x 1 megalitre water bladders for use at a remote area construction site.


FSA designed, constructed and supplied 3 x 1,000,000 litre water bladders to be used for construction water at a large and remote construction site.

These bladders were the largest manufactured by FSA and also the largest bladders manufactured in Australia.

The water bladder footprint when empty in this case was 32m x 32m with a maximum fill height of 1.1m. The bladder weight empty is approx 2.6 Tonne and complete with groundsheet and packing crates about 4.3T. The bladders were supplied in separate wooden crates as were the groundsheets.

picture of a 3 million litre remote water storage installation
Each water bladder was fabricated in our Yatala factory using approx 1200 lineal metres of 1100 gsm potable grade reinforced PVC material, manufactured in Australia by an Australian manufacturer. The material was made up from a PVC coated 1000 denier, 3 x 3 panama weave scrim, with tensile strength of 5200N/5cm. This Bladder material was a special product developed for FSA by the local supplier to FSA specifications.

Each bladder was supplied with a groundsheet made out of 700 gsm RPVC also supplied by the same Australian material manufacturer.

To ensure each bladder was not excessively loaded and to increase the bladder's service life, each bladder was deployed into excavated pads approx 35m x 35m and 600mm in depth.

The bladders were to have an expected service life of approximately two years, this being the duration of the construction phase of the project.

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