One and Only Hayman Island Swimming Pool Renovation by Fabric Solutions Australia

Swimming pool liner renovation at Hayman Island, 2104.

Most people would be aware of the magnificent pool that is a key feature to the Hayman Island Resort. The pool is equal in size to 7 Olympic sized pools, the largest in the southern hemisphere and forms part of the pool wing where visitors staying in the pool rooms can have direct access to the pool.

The resort has been rebranded as a “One and Only” resort and as a consequence has recently undergone a major renovation and this included the pool.

Fabric Solutions were selected in October 2013 to undertake the complex relining of the pool with a special heavy duty scrim reinforced pool liner.

When we initially looked at the project, we saw many complex hurdles that we needed to overcome to deliver what the resort wanted in the time line required.

  • The sheer size of the pool
  • The complex shape due to it being integrated with some of the resort accommodation plus a large central island
  • The resort is in the Whitsundays which is subtropical and subject to wet weather. Never a good proposition when all of the installation works needed to be done outside, rain and wind can play havoc with installation
  • Very tight time line for completion
  • Working with and around other trades also involved in the renovation of the resort

Pool Liner Preparation

We engaged Mark Stewart of All Terrain Surveys to go to Hayman Island to do a full survey. This was a little problematic as the pool was full as the resort was still operating at this time (closed 15th January 2014). Under the circumstances All Terrain did an exceptional job and spent around 3 days surveying and then processing the survey data so that we could do the pool liner design.

Liner sections needed for the Swimming pool liner renovation at Hayman Island, 2104.

Once we received the data, we were able to develop the shape for manufacture using our state of the art software.

We decided to build the Hayman Island swimming pool liner in 10 large sections in our Yatala factory and then install and seal each section on site. This was in order to reduce the time on site and reduce the potential for weather interruptions.

Swimming pool liner for Hayman Island being loaded onto a truck, 2104.

We shipped the pool liner sections and at the same time the first group of installers left to meet the semi trailer at Airlie Beech to catch the dedicated barge to Hayman Island. We needed to do some concrete work and to cut a grove into the concrete structure to fix the top of the liner into, to create the below water seal.


Installing the Liner Onsite

The weather was not kind and most days there was some rain. On one occasion, it rained for 3 days and this put around 150,000 litres of rain water into the pool. All we could do was hook up the pumps and then dry of the liner and keep going. This particular storm cost us around 5 days in lost time. I guess this goes with the territory when you are working on a project in the open.

4.5 weeks after starting, we finally had all the sections joined and secured into the sealing groove at the top.
Now, it was time to fill the pool. The pool volume is around 8.5 million litres, so it was decided to fill direct form the ocean. This in itself created issues as the large pumps brought in to do the filling could only pump during high tide as the suction pipes of the pumps were high and dry during low tide.

2.5 days of high tide only filling and the pool was full. It was time for the project weary install crew to pack up and head back to Brisbane. Another commercial liner install project completed on time, on budget and on spec.

Finally finished the Swimming pool liner renovation at Hayman Island, 2104.

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