Rainwater Harvesting

"Multiple Solutions to the Storage of Harvested Rain Water"

Rainwater Harvesting solutions include liner tanks, pillow/bladder tanks, dam and ponds and onion tanks that are collapsible, portable tanks that can be used for a wide range of fluid and water storage. Common rainwater harvesting products include onion tanks and bladder tanks.

Onion Tanks are self-supporting and collapsible fabric tanks comprised of an open topped collapsible tank with an open perimeter at the top to form a floating collar; as the tank fills with water, or other liquid, the collar floats on top of the fluid surface, holding the water within.

Bladder/Pillow Tanks are collapsible, portable tanks capable of storing a wide range of fluids including water, fuels, chemicals, oils, gases, liquids, effluents and slurries.


Bladders and Pillow Tanks

Commercial and Industrial Tank Liners

Rural and Domestic Tank Liners

Custom (Void) Liners

Dam Liners

Pond Liners

Onion Tanks


Liner & Bladder Applications:







And many more


Liner & Bladder Features:

FSA water storage products are manufactured from high quality polymeric liner materials suited for the purpose.

All products for drinking water are certified too either the current Australian or USA standards.

All FSA water storage products are extensively QA tested to ensure integrity of the liner. Bladders and pillow tanks are pressure tested before leaving the factory.

Tanks liners can be used in new concrete block or modular steel tanks or can be used to remediate existing leaking tanks.

Benefits of using Fabric Solutions Australia:

Australian manufactured

Project technical advice

All Fabric Solutions' on-site installers are fully qualified with appropriate national certification

Specialist knowledge and almost 40 years experience

Materials to suit a vast range of applications

Custom manufactured to suit your requirements

Minimal downtime during installation

Cost effective solution to repairing older tanks



Expert technical advice



Full installation or installation supervision available

National and global delivery options

We work closely with our clients to achieve the best solution

pool bladders


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