Military Grade Pillow Tanks and Bladders

Military Application Pillow Tanks are collapsible portable tanks that offer specialised storage solutions designed specifically for military use. These rugged tanks are cost effective storage devices suited to a wide variety of climates and terrains. Military Application Pillow Tanks are ideal storage units that can be rapidly deployed atop military vessels or vehicles to areas of fuel, water, chemical and gas shortage.

For disaster relief efforts these units are ideal, as they can be used to easily transport water and diesel supplies to power/water-starved urban and rural areas. Military Application Pillow Bladders are available in several grades and colours for high and low visibility and can be designed in low-profile shapes to accommodate open areas.



Special shipping crates

Ground Sheets – recommended

Berm liners – recommended for any application where sensitive fluids are stored


Benefits of using Fabric Solutions Australia:

Australian owned and operated

Global delivery options

Specialist knowledge and experience with almost 40 years experience

Materials to suit a vast range of applications

Custom manufactured to suit your requirements

Extra large liners can be pre-made in sections and joined onsite

Minimal downtime during installation

Cost effective solution to repairing older tanks



Military version, 22.5kL and 136kL water bladders, are NATO certified and are currently used by the Australian Defence Force

Ideal for portable and/or remote location applications

Constructed from reinforced, heavy duty PVC or Polyurethane Polymer

Fabrics are chemical resistant, UV-resistant, algae resistant and can withstand abrasion

Certified for storing drinking water

All FSA bladders and pillow tanks are pressure tested before leaving the factory

Able to store fuel, water and other liquids in capacities up to 1,000,000 litres

Pillow tanks are fully enclosed, making them ideal for where external contamination may be an issue

Ideal for portable and/or remote locations such as mining camps

All FSA bladders and pillow tanks are made to order



Design and patterning



Full installation or installation supervision available

Global delivery options

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