About Us

Fabric Solutions Australia was set up as an ‘All-Australian’ company with expertise in custom design, fabrication and installation of liquid containment systems and fabric products. Fabric Solutions was founded with a goal of providing innovative solutions based on the latest technology and techniques; solutions that would continue to amaze both our clients and us.

Today we are proud to be known as industry leaders throughout Australia and overseas for our products and liquid containment systems, and we continue to expand our skills in all areas of design, manufacture, fabrication and installation. At Fabric Solutions, we see ourselves as expert problem solvers as we offer complete fabric solutions based on specialized industry knowledge and years of experience. Our impressive list of clients and projects is evidence of our hard work and dedication.

We firmly believe that it is better to get a job done right the first time and, as such, can offer partial or complete co-ordination of any project; from the initial stages of engineering and design, right through to installation and final testing.

Our products can be used in any number of commercial and domestic applications including mining, agriculture, emergency aid, aquaculture, petroleum and oil, commercial and general industrial. Extensive industry warranties cover everything we do and all our products are manufactured and tested to conform to major international standards of quality and safety.

Our Mission Statement

It is our mission to go beyond the expectations of our clients and beyond the ability of our competitors. We aim to minimise our environmental footprint and we are constantly striving  to have a positive impact on the world environment today, for a sustainable future tomorrow.

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