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  • Covid-19 Update

    A Message from Fabric Solutions Australia

    As the COVID-19 virus pandemic continues to unfold, the staff at Fabric Solutions Australia take the health of our staff, customers, suppliers and general public very seriously. Whilst we are still operating, we have been responding to the health crisis in the following ways:

    • Enacting regular cleaning of all surfaces and training of staff.
    • Ensuring good hygiene procedures are followed by all staff to the recommended government guidelines.
    • Stopping all face to face meetings unless absolutely necessary.
    • Allowing those staff that can, to work from home.
    • Forward planning if we have to partially or fully close.
    • All staff who show flu and cold like symptoms are instructed to stay at home.

    Production Capacity

    We are currently working at full capacity to fill orders as quickly as possible. However, this is a constantly changing situation, so while serving our customers’ needs is our main objective, we will not compromise the health and wellbeing of our staff.

    Customer Visits, Pickups and Courier

    Whilst we welcome customers visiting our factory and pickup of goods is still available, please don’t be offended that we won’t shake hands. We ask that the current government social distancing guidelines are also followed. If you are feeling sick or unwell, please make alternative pick up arrangements. Should you have any concerns or question, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    Freight and courier pickups of goods will operate as normal as possible given the circumstances and is the preferred method as this minimises contact.

    Sales People and Maintenance Contractors

    While it has always been our policy that sales people and maintenance contractors make appointments before coming, at this time we ask that they please consider if visiting is absolutely necessary. Any unscheduled visit will not be accepted.

    Material Availability and Pricing

    We tend to keep a good amount of stock as a general rule, and stock levels were good before the effects of the COVID-19 virus came through. However, some of our material is sourced from overseas and the last couple of weeks has seen the Australian dollar fluctuate more than normal. We will make every effort to keep any prices rises to a minimum, but please be aware that price increases may be necessary in the future.

    By working together, we hope that we can get through this emergency as quickly and safely as possible.


    Rohanna Abberton
    General Manager

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  • Pool Cover Evaporation Studies in Drought Affected California

    Evaporation Study Compares Water Savings of Covers

    Californian has been facing severe drought conditions in recent years. In order to assist related businesses that are affected by water restrictions, several organisations in California participated in a recent study show how well certain pool covers perform. Participating in the study were the The California Pool & Spa Association, the National Plasterers Council, the Independent Pool & Spa Service Association, the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals and World of Recreational Water.

    The National Pool Industry Research Center compared the water loss in pools covered by various kinds of products, including solid track covers, foam covers, bubble covers, solar disks and liquid evaporation suppressants.

    The researchers had two goals: Determine how much evaporation could be blocked through the use of covers; and compare the savings of different types of covers.

    Results showed that, when in place, bubble type covers reduced water evaporation by 94.9 percent (the type of bubble cover used in the study was not mentioned).

    For the full study please visit Pool and Spa News

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  • What are Geosynthetics?

    What Are Geosynthetics?

    Geosynthetics are used all around us, yet few people know what this important product is.

    Our very own Lance St Hill answers this question and discusses the importance of geosynthetics in the latest issue of CONNECTIONS, a quarterly magazine issued by the Specialized Textiles Association. You can read the article online.

    The article is on page 44 of the magazine. We have also provided a copy of the article below.

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  • Survey of Rainwater Tanks

    CSIRO Survey On Rainwater Tank Conditons

    CSIRO has released a new study into the usage and conditions of rainwater tanks. Surveying 417 residential rainwater tanks (in the Melbourne Metropolitan area), with the objective to deliver data on the conditions of a representative stock of at least 400 tanks. This data can then be used by rainwater tank owners to see what works and doesn't work in the operation of rainwater tanks. It can also be used by urban water planners, health departments (to assess risk) and the rainwater tank industry to support industry learning and promotion of best practice.

    The survey found that:

    • 62% of tanks were installed between 2007 and 2010, during the peak of the drought.
    • 96% of participants saw a benefit to having a rainwater tank, such as:
      • being able to water during restrictions
      • reducing water consumption bills
      • providing benefits to the environment
    • There were also some concerns in regards to maintenance, such as:
      • 9% of sites had faulty diverters.
      • 5% of sites had pumps that did not work.
      • 39% of sites had lead flashing on the roof.
      • 19% of water samples taken had an odour present
      • 12% of sites had mosquito larvae present in water or mosquitoes present in the tank
    • More details of the study can be found on the ClearWater website.

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    • Gold Coast Bulletin article on Fabric Solutions

      Gold Coast Bulletin article on Fabric Solutions

      Fabric Solutions was the feature article in the YourBusiness section of the Gold Coast Bulletin's Monday edition on the 25th of August. A 2 page spread featuring photos of Lance St Hill (Sales and Technical Manager) and Peter Ives (Managing Director) accompanied a short description of Fabric Solutions and their successes, including the recently completed Hayman Island refurbishment of their iconic swimming pool.

      Our thanks goes out to the Gold Coast Bulletin for doing an article on us. We have a copy of the article online for you to read, just click on the image below.GC Bulletin Article 25-8-14

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    • One and Only Hayman Island

      Most people would be aware of the magnificent pool that is a key feature to the Hayman Island Resort. The pool is equal in size to 7 Olympic sized pools, the largest in the southern hemisphere and forms part of the pool wing where visitors staying in the pool rooms can have direct access to the pool.

      The resort has been rebranded as a “One and Only” resort and as a consequence has recently undergone a major renovation and this included the pool.

      Fabric Solutions were selected in October 2013 to undertake the complex relining of the pool with a special heavy duty scrim reinforced pool liner. Below is a finished picture of the liner and more detailed information can be found on our special projects page.

      Finally finished the Swimming pool liner renovation at Hayman Island, 2104.

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    • SA Variety Bash

      Variety – The Children’s Charity Tent 75 South Australia - car 175

      Fabric Solutions also supports Variety in South Australia. We have done this by sponsoring car #175 in the Variety Bash with a Bash Donation. The bash starts August 9th and entrants travel 2901 kilometres to Sydney.


      Variety South Australia (   and facebook: funds appeals for help to the children of South Australia. Appeals range from simple thinks like iPads, to more expensive items such as wheelchair accessible vehicles and even special bus coaches. Fabric Solutions Australia is proud to be a sponsor to a charity that makes a difference to the lives of children in South Australia.



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    • Bears Rugby League

      Bears Rugby League

      Fabric Solutions is proud to announce that we are a major sponsor of the Bears Rugby League Team.


      This year the Bears Rugby League are running two teams in the Brisbane Second Division,

      BSDRL Southside Grade 2 team (currently ranking 3rd) and

      BSDRL Southside Grade 4 team (currently ranking 6th).


      For some enjoyable and tough football, why not go to a game. Upcoming games can be found at the fixtures site.


      Both teams are still wanting to add players to their existing rosters, so if you would like to play, see their website for details.

      Bears Rugby League - Logo

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    • Water Hog Fire Fighting Buckets


      Water Hog Fire Fighting Buckets

      We have just recently manufactured 6 fire fighting water buckets, manufactured for Aerial Fire Control. Called the "Water Hog" these are capable of holding between 400 litre to 1100 litres.  The water buckets are specifically used by fire fighting helicopters.

      These are the water buckets:
      Wild Hog Water Fire Fighting Buckets

      And this how the buckets are used, photo courtesy of Aerial Fire Control:
      WH 3000 Spain in use

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    • Australia’s Largest Swimming Pool


      Australia's Largest Swimming Pool Liner

      Great news, we have been awarded the contract for the refurbishment of a new pool liner at Hayman Island - Australia's largest swimming pool. At 7 times larger than an Olympic sized swimming pool it will be a worthy challenge.


      Hayman Island Swimming Pool - photo courtesy of Hayman Island Resort

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