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Enviro Liner® Series of Geomembranes

The Enviro Liner® series of geomembrane is a specialized polyethylene lining material that combines flexibility, UV stability, and chemical resistance. The Enviro Liner® 4000 series geomembrane was originally designed as a flexible cap material for landfills. Its good flexibility allows it to accommodate differential settlement that is often seen in landfill applications. This flexibility also allows it to be prefabricated (welded, folded and rolled) so that many jobs can be lined using a one-piece liner. Enviroliner is available in two grades:

  • The high quality, high end, fortified 6000HD series Enviroliner, is most suited to the more arduous long term projects.  With up to 25 years UV warranty on approved applications.
  • The 4000 series, most suited to shorter medium term applications, most especially in the Frac tank liner and frac pond liner market.

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Frac Tank Liner

Each step in the production of a Fabric Solutions prefabricated geomembrane liner is governed by Fabric Solutions quality management system. All factory seams are welded in factory controlled conditions and thoroughly checked as part of the QA system.

The Enviro Liner® geomembrane is manufactured from high quality virgin resins and is stabilized against UV degradation with carbon black. For the 6000HD series, a proprietary UV inhibitor antioxidant package as well as carbon black is used. If your geomembrane liner is to be exposed for long periods, then the Enviro Liner® 6000HD series might be the best material choice.

Both the 6000HD series and 4000 series Enviro Liner® geomembrane meet or exceed all, of the requirement of the Geomembrane Research Institute GRI-GM17 specifications.


Installation of Frac Tank & Pond Liners

frac_tank_liner_02The Enviro Liner® geomembrane is flexible enough to be prefabricated at FSA’s production facility into large panels 2500 m/2 or a little larger, depending upon the gauge. The prefabricated panel is accordion folded, rolled on a core, and delivered to the job site secured to a pallet.


Prefabricated panels can often cover a small project with a single large flat sheet. This is often the case with frac ponds and frac tank liners. Local labour forces can be used to unroll and unfold the panel, while on larger projects, a Fabric Solutions installation crew can be used to join panels. All FSA’s primary field welding of Enviro Liner® is based on hot wedge welding technology. Field wedge welding of Enviro Liner® LLDPE provides strong seams, and fast installations on large projects.

Some applications for the Enviro Liner® products are:

  • Frac tanks and frac ponds
  • Flow back tanks and ponds
  • Evaporation tanks and ponds
  • Waste water and Sewerage lagoons and tank liners
  • Dairy Waste
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Secondary Containment:- Petroleum, Chemical, Food Production etc
  • Tailings Ponds
  • Potable Water Storage


Dam Liner and Geosynthetics Brochure

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