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Installing Your
Duradam Dam Liner

In most cases you do not need a professional to install your DURADAM dam liner for you, just some extra man power. We provide a dam liner installation guide that will give you an overview of how to prepare your dam and how to install your dam liner.

Download the DURADAM Dam Liner Installation Guide.pdf (2.0MB).

There are also a few points, that although might seem obvious, are worth repeating:

General Pre-Installation Considerations

  • Don't use sharp blades when opening your dam liner.
  • Don't install on wet or windy days.
  • Make sure to read the dam liner installation guide all the way through. If you have any questions, seek advice before proceeding.

General Liner Considerations

  • The dam surface must be as smooth as possible. If there are sharp stones, roots or other objects you will need to use an geotextile underlay fabric.
  • Make sure you have plenty of help when opening and installing your liner. Typically you will need one person for every 6 m of liner (along roll out direction) for a 0.5 mm to 0.75 mm (500 micron to 750 micron) liner. For 1 mm liners and thicker, you will need 1 person for every 4m of liner or maybe more depending on the weight.
  • After installation and before filling is it essential that there are no air pockets underneath the liner.

After Installation Considerations

  • Don't allow animals or machinery onto the liner.
  • Where dams are located under the shade of a tree, please be aware that falling branches have the potential of causing holes in the liner where they hit.

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