Lithgow - Commercial Tank Liner Installation

finishing a commercial tank liner

Our best work is the manufacture and installation of large commercial tank liners for new or refurbishing existing installations.


Job Description:

To install a potable commercial water tank liner for a 33 m dia x 5.6 m high tank with a conical base for the Lithgow City Council. Because the water will be used to service homes in the area, the material chosen is XR-3, a high quality liner used in large scale potable water applications.

With a total capacity in excess of 5 millions litres a lot of material will be needed. In fact over 650 linear metres of material, weighing in at nearly 700 kgs. Plus this must be fabricated such that there is no leaks! Sections of the liner are fabricated at our factory and then joined onsite, section by section. Rigorous testing at the factory and during installation ensure no leaks occur.

So while putting a liner into a water tank may sound straightforward, when a water tank is very large there are several aspects that need to be considered. Aside from the amount of material needed, working out how to get the equipment in and out of the tank can be a major undertaking in itself.

installing a commercial tank liner

Careful preparation is important. Internal ladders, sumps, pipes etc have to be planned for and installed around appropriately, otherwise leaks will occur.

For more information commercial tank liners and what we can offer, please visit our Commercial Tank Liners page. We also manufacture residential tank liners and void and cavity liners for hidden tanks inside buildings.

halfway through an installation for a large commercial water tankhalfway through an installation for a large commercial water tank

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