Geodesic Dome for The Dome Company

dyson_geodesic dome 01At Fabric Solutions we pride ourselves on being innovators and not shying away from the unusual. In this case we had to make a tight fitting skin for a geodesic dome. However as the inside was a much different colour, we needed to make a second internal skin.

So what is a geodesic dome? From Wikipedia:

“A geodesic dome is a spherical or hemispherical thin-shell structure (lattice-shell) based on a network of geodesics (great circles) on the surface of a sphere or a hemisphere. The geodesics intersect to form triangular elements, which have local, triangular rigidity, and so distribute the structural stress throughout the geodesic sphere.”

This dome was custom built for The Dome Company ( (For Dyson, as part of a promotional event they were running).

Due to time constraints, not only was an exact fit needed, but a tight turn around time was required. This is one of the reasons a second skin was chosen to colour the insides. Two colours, onyx metallic black on the outside and white on the inside was used. Clear panels made of fire retardant material were used for the windows.

All up a total of approximately 75 sqm of material was used for the outer dome.

geodesic domesgeodesic domes

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