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Swimming Pool Liner Fixing Systems

Fabric Solutions offer two different fixings systems, for attaching the liner either above or below the water line for inground pools.

two different types of pool liner mounting systems


Below The Water Line Pool Liner Fixing System

Affixing the pool liner to the wall below the water line can allow for the use of pool liners around steps, bench seats etc. This mean decorative use of tiles and other finishes can be used around the top of the pool. The mounting system is also versatile in that in can follow the contour of features within the design of the pool, such as benches, steps etc.

These are the basis steps with installing a pool liner into an inground pool below the water line.


Above The Water Line Pool Liner Fixing System

In many pools, the liner can also be attached above the water line. This fixing system is ideal where the pool may have overhanging pavers or brickwork. It is then neatly concealed under the ledge or overhang. This system is also used where cracks or other issues might be too expensive to repair without leaks, preventing the pool liner from being attached lower down.

How Pool Liner is installed Above The Water Line

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