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the selected material is
the radius of the tank is 0
the circumerfence of the tank is 0
the volume of the tank is 0 in litres
the volume of the tank is 0 in Imperial Gallons
the material selected is
the material sell price is $ per linear metre
the material width
the seam width is
the usable material width is 0
Total material needed for the wall is 0.3
the total base material needed is 0.3 linear metres
sell price of the base material is $0
sell price of the wall material is $0
The sell price of the shiney new liner is $0
Lets display the XML data that gets loaded into the quote pdf form
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<fields xmlns:xfdf="http://ns.adobe.com/xfdf-transition/"
><Addheighttoliner xfdf:original="Add height to liner"
><AlternateAddress xfdf:original="Alternate Address"
><ChooseaLinerMaterial xfdf:original="Choose a Liner Material"
></Columns><CompanyName xfdf:original="Company Name"
><ContactName xfdf:original="Contact Name"
><NoofLargeFlanges xfdf:original="No of Large Flanges"
><NoofSmallFlanges xfdf:original="No of Small Flanges"
><NoofTags xfdf:original="No of Tags"
><QuoteNumber xfdf:original="Quote Number"
><Reference1 xfdf:original="Reference 1"
><Reference2 xfdf:original="Reference 2"
><SummaryofOrder xfdf:original="Summary of Order"
>The order consists of lots of things that the script will automatically put in here so that all can see and read.</SummaryofOrder
><TankDiameter xfdf:original="Tank Diameter"
><TankHeight xfdf:original="Tank Height"
><TankStorage xfdf:original="Tank Storage"
><TankType xfdf:original="Tank Type"
><TankUsage xfdf:original="Tank Usage"
><calccircumference xfdf:original="calc circumference"
><calctankvolumeinimperialgallons xfdf:original="calc tank volume in imperial gallons"
><calctankvolumeinkilolitres xfdf:original="calc tank volume in kilolitres"
><condensationstrip xfdf:original="condensation strip"
><deliveryoption xfdf:original="delivery option"
>alternate deliver</deliveryoption
><fixingoptions xfdf:original="fixing options"
><geotextilematerial xfdf:original="geotextile material"
><geotextileoptions xfdf:original="geotextile options"
><ifyes xfdf:original="if yes"
><includebattenbar xfdf:original="include batten bar"
><includeboltcovers xfdf:original="include bolt covers"
><includeextrusion xfdf:original="include extrusion"
><includeeyelets xfdf:original="include eyelets"
><includetags xfdf:original="include tags"
><pricegeobase xfdf:original="price geo base"
><pricegeowall xfdf:original="price geo wall"
><pricelinerwebbingpacking xfdf:original="price liner webbing packing"
><webbingoptions xfdf:original="webbing options"

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