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Fabric Solutions Australia is the leading provider of custom design, fabrication and installation of liquid containment solutions, architectural fabrication and fabric products. From industrial and military-specific uses to domestic applications, our solutions are the best in terms of high quality materials, first-rate knowledge and a brand that has been trusted to deliver quality fabric solutions for decades.

Our innovative products can be used for a host of applications including:

montage of various products made by Fabric Solutions Australia

We take the best architectural fabrics and manufacture them into a range of value-adding products.

Fabric Solutions headquarters are located in Brisbane, Australia with another office based in London and a network of distributors across the globe.

Our experienced and knowledgeable team is made up of every necessary industry expert – from designers and fabricators to licensed installers – and a passionate team of managers who continue to explore new technologies and materials so that the fabricated products we offer are always first-class.

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Trade Enquiries

Fabric Solutions Australia welcomes enquiries from retailers looking to expand their product range. Our depth of knowledge and large manufacturing facilities will enable you to tackle any job, large or small. For further details on the products we can provide retailers, wholesalers and distributors, please call 1800 039 996 or email us at sales@fabricsolutions.com.au.
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